Happy One Year Anniversary Goodfood. in Mattituck!

“Goodfood.” literally stands for “good food period” and they mean it.  This small market has amazing, homemade, healthy food that is delicious.  This is a small locally owned market that opened last summer.  There is one community table inside and a few small tables outside.  This is a great spot to grab a quick bite or coffee to go.  If the weather is good, sitting outside is also nice.  Goodfood. is located on Pike St, which is right around the corner from Love Lane in Mattituck.  It is also near the Mattituck train station.  There are a few parking spots on the street.  There is a bigger parking lot across the street.  They have great house made and freshly roasted hot and iced coffee.  They also have homemade pies, quiches, empanadas, scones, muffins, sandwiches and other bakery type items.  They also offer healthy salads and gluten free items.  The menu consists of items for both breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They use fresh local ingredients in everything they make. As an example, local strawberries are currently in season (June).  Today I had a homemade strawberry scone which was delicious.  I will definately be back for more. 

When Goodfood. opened last year, I had never had an empanada before.  My cousin and a friend happened to be visiting and they were anxious to visit and try the empanadas.  I went along and decided to try the ham and cheese empanada.  It was so good that I quickly became hooked.  I also love the breakfast empanada.  Since they use fresh local ingredients, the special menu will vary depending on what items are in season.  This is what makes Goodfood. so great, unique and worth visiting if you are in the area.  Locals like myself love Goodfood.  The owner/staff is friendly, the service is quick and the prices are reasonable.  They consistently have fresh, healthy and delicious food.  I highly recommend Goodfood.  There is something here for everyone including children.  They are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm. Saturday they are open 8:30am to 6:30pm and Sunday from 8:30am to 5pm.  


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